SOHO Rooms features a big club room, which can be rented for private or corporate events. There are smaller and more cozy spaces. at SOHO Rooms. The smallest is the Karaoke room. The restaurant is also available for events. And of course the legendary Veranda / Pool Terrace is the perfect setup for a summer party. All of these (even together) can be rented for a private or corporate event.

SOHO Rooms Event Hall

Please have a look at the About SOHO Rooms section to see some photos of the various rooms.

SOHO Rooms provides all technical equipment, high class catering and of course, the right entertainment. Besides, the managers of are experienced in running large private and corporate events and can assist with the planning and execution of the event, as well as artist bookings.

We have done many VIP events from Birthdays to Corporate Parties to a Formula 1 Party in Sochi or a Yacht party in Riga. In the past we worked for many High-net-worth individuals, Russians and foreigners from the US, India, China, Germany and Canada.

Please contact us and we’ll get you a proposal for your event.

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